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Are HR ready to play an increasingly strategic role?

By on 07/11/2016

In many organizations, you hear the story that employees are the most important factor for survival and development and yet we see typically unstructured and/or silo use of data in HR, if not directly subjective talk without aggregated documentation.


In addition to understanding the commercial business challenges or in public services; the citizens and businesses challenges they serve, HR need and can play an increasingly strategic role as businesses seek any and all means to compete effectively and improve organizational performance. Leaders (and managers) favor a ‘facts based’ approach to decision making and HR teams need to ask themselves whether they have the right data to get the insights they need to create a strategic talent management strategy that will attract, select, retain and develop high-quality employees?


All businesses/organizations need to ensure they have the capabilities to understand what drives employee engagement, and what they should do to promote and develop it. The adoption of employee evaluation and development models where you can gather objective and subjective evaluation input, including results from test scores and then grade and compare, based on importance, weighted individual criteria against each other will ultimately give you an objective employee and or candidate score and ranking that will identify personal development areas or in recruitment, the best candidate for the job.


These models are the business of aPoint

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PS! I do not like Human Resource (HR) as a functional description, we are not an inventory resource, we are individual people.


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