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The different aPoint Models

By on 07/10/2016

aPoint deliver easy to use digital support service for the constant and broad management task of selecting and developing managers and employees.


Who is the aPoint users?

  • Prime user: Any people manager from CEO and down
  • Secondary users: HR, Headhunters and Management Consultants


aPoint Selection Model ©

Used by the hiring manager in the final face of a new hire selection to objectively choose the best candidate among the last 2 to 4 candidates, based on all inputs!


  • Who to offer employment and why?
  • Provides standard framework and structure for new hire selection and collects/combine all inputs
  • Remove gut feeling selection in the final selection face and deliver prioritization of candidates *
  • You choose, describe and weighs, which key areas are important in the selection model
  • The model deliver selection documentation
  • Learnings can be used to improve future job postings, key skills and model use.


aPoint Evaluation Model ©

Used to secure and find needed development areas in the first part of the employment period using 3 time steps e.g. after 30 days, 3 months and 6 months.


  • Have we hired the right person?
  • Pinpoint needed development areas to secure successful startup
  • Early warning or confirmation
  • Compare selection evaluation criteria with experienced behavior and performance


aPoint Development Models ©

Overview on your immediate reports. Who is your most valuable and why? Where is personal development needed on an individual level?


  • Who is your best performer, from your point of view, and why? Who is your possible successor?
  • Where should the individual team member improve to be as good as the best
  • Personnel strengths and weaknesses report
  • If you as a leader are asked to objectively produce a priority list with one or more employee(s) you need least, can you then document that selection?
  • Who is basically not the optimal right person in current or future job function?


aPoint is a 100 percent digital cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that can be used by any organization type, worldwide.


aPoint have a usage-based price model with a minimum buy (no running cost)


  • Each year slightly fewer than a quarter of the managers in a typical Fortune 500 company change jobs. This means that managers spend an average of four years in a given position. High-potential leaders in the mid senior ranks have a shorter average time in position. Their “eras” typically last two and a half to three years.


  • Each year over 700.000 managers enter new positions in Fortune 500 companies (US).
    • Management transition survey at Fortune 500 companies done by Michael Watkins


  • You want to make sure you hire or appoint the right person! The cost of hiring or appointing the wrong person is high. Estimates of the direct and indirect cost to a company of a failed Executive-level hire range as high as $ 2.7 million or on average 24 times base compensation! Even with a very low direct and indirect cost to a company the use of aPoint models have an ROI in weeks!


  • A crucial feature of highly successful executives, is not that they figure out how they always stay the course, but that they develop techniques to detect when things get worse and get fast back on track. The same should apply to people management in any organization and this is what the aPoint models deliver in a standard framework that can be used worldwide.


  • On average 20 percent of all recruitments are retrospectively regretted! Some of these recruitment errors are maintained for the sake of making the most of the situation, but obviously this is not optimal from any point of view.


  • A recruitment costs both time and money. The direct consequences of hiring the wrong person in relation to turmoil, uncertainty and lack of profit focus are evident, but also the indirect consequences in terms of missed opportunities and the negative impact on mood and culture in the organization are significant and can ruin an existing team, customer relations or brand value!




Retrospectively how many of your current employees or leadership team members do you want to hire today?


aPoint may select to give you a good initial buy and try offer


The above are purchased and delivered digital as Software as a Service (SaaS) via the cloud for use in a browser. A native IOS version for iPad may be developed and local language versions if there is a customers demand.