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Those who say they are passionate about their job is lying!

By on 26/02/2017

And if you are lying up in my face why should I hire you?

I guess artists can be passionate about their work, painting, sculpturing, writing or whatever they do. Some work areas may have a greater or lesser degree of personal passion in the beginning of their careers, like a schoolteacher or a nurse or maybe a private business owner can be passionate about their job (maybe close to a hobby). Most people will be passionate in relation to their children, wives or husbands, other close family, good friends, their pets etc.

But an office clerical assistant, a sales rep, a garbage collector, a bookkeeper, a government bureaucrat or a mid-level manager in a large corporation, all with a micro manager following them every day – not a change in hell are they passionate about going to work every day!

If you are a hiring manager, will you hire a person that lies, pretend and is populistic updated or the one that are honest and don’t tell you what he/she think you want to hear, have a constructive opinion, is value productive and not just paper productive and can manage their work/life balance giving them time to think and innovate? It’s a rhetorical question where the answer goes without saying 😉

I don’t know where this “I’m passionate about my job” BS came from, but most people go to work to earn money, pure and simple, that’s not saying they can’t be motivated by their job! As a leader and manager, your job is to deliver that motivation, deliver a culture where it makes sense to work, delivering work that make sense to the individual so they understand why, how value is created, with customer focus and when and what to deliver. If you can’t, you’re probably a government bureaucrat 😉

If you are a founder and business owner, then I hope you have some passion involved, because it’s not a 9 to 5 job. No rules without exception, there will be people with passion for their work, but for most people work is just that – work!

If you need to live in a fantasy world where everyone is passionate, then you need a reality check! Take a walk around your organization and watch people. Words mean something specific and there is a difference between e.g. desire, passion, ambition, motivation, needs and pleasure.

Well that’s my 5 cents of thoughts for today – be happy!